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Our Trusted Partners


Whether your next project is a commercial warehouse, a high-rise apartment building or a gated community, you are tasked with anticipating the access activity of employees, residents, and guests, and your clients are counting on you to do so. LIftmaster engineers products that work as seamless, code-compliant systems – assuring smarter and safer access solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs. As industry pioneers, we are also committed to driving innovation and advancing safety. For every application, look to LiftMaster for the total solution -- comprehensive access systems that reflect your attention to detail. 


Chamberlain Group is a global leader in smart access solutions across residential and commercial properties. Our prominent brands LiftMaster®Chamberlain®Merlin®, and Grifco®are found in millions of residential and commercial access applications across the globe. Our innovative products and partnerships, powered by our myQ® smart ecosystem, provide customers with smart access solutions to move safely through garages, homes, communities, businesses and storage facilities. 

PT Level by Paremtech

With PTLevel Monitors, you will never have to wonder about your cistern water levels again. They offer Wi-fi connectivity, allowing you to check it from anywhere in the world at any time - no more guessing or lifting heavy cistern covers! In addition, the mobile app provides valuable information about water usage over time and can help you detect a water leak quickly. 

Yale Smart Locks

Never worry about carrying around, or losing, keys again. Lock and unlock your home with ease using these touchscreen and push button deadbolts. Choose the connected solution that’s right for your home. 


Rollingshield believes that functionality and security can also be attractive and come in modern colors.


For over 20 years, Rollingshield’s shutters and awnings have been made from the highest quality materials available and manufactured with the strictest attention to detail, performance, and durability. 


Our Driveway Alarm and Free Exit systems are engineered to be failsafe and fault-proof. They’re designed with an exceptional level of detail and have been since we started over 40 years ago. 

We introduced our unique sensing technology to the industry in 1975. With the highest quality and a five-year warranty, Cartell provides reliable products built to last.

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